• Sketching Chicago

    I never intended for my first skyline doodles to ever become pieces of art themselves. The loose lines and squiggles give so much energy and personality to each skyline, so why not capture that? Chicago has always been my favorite skyline to sketch (and paint) because no matter how identifiable the skyline is, each piece is truly unique and different from the next. I'm on a mission to create 10 new city sketches in the next 10 days....check in with my Etsy site for the final products!!  LYZ design on Etsy

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Grube

  • Watercolor 101

    I haven't touched watercolor since my Watercolor 101 Class in college. I've been kind of scared of the watery medium, its so hard to control! But I decided to embrace the chaos in the same way that I approach my abstract acrylic paintings. Here is my first LYZ watercolor, a mixed media piece with a watercolor canvas background and ink and acrylic layered on top. I love the transparency of the colors and the composition that was created. I think it offers another level of depth to my paintings! 

    Studio Fun...

    Ta Da!

  • Etsy Finds

    Do you ever venture over to Etsy to find a perfect gift for someone and then get completely submerged in all of the amazing artists and products they offer!? Its not just 'crafts' anymore, people! I, for one, prefer shopping Etsy to find that one-of-a-kind item, and support artists' passions just like myself! Below are a few recent finds that I am in love with. You can decorate your home or find the perfect gift using Etsy sources and connecting with artists around the world!

    LandMstudio Succulent Rock Trio Planter

    DokumaAtelier Chevron Pattern Turkish Towel

    Edubara Bonjour Black Print

    Sewasong Onyx Arch Necklace

    Panselinos Paper Mache Bowl 

    Panselinos Himmeli Light Diamond Pendant

  • Geo

    Geometric shapes are modern and classic and oh so versitile. Lately, many designers have been using geometric patterns, shapes and styles in their work. Architecture, furniture, fashion, product and graphic designers alike! Using these shapes to create countless patterns and textures, the designs become simple yet striking works of art.

    Images sources: Marrakech Design , Wall Library , Hex Wall Lights , West Elm

  • Cool Clocks

    Recently, Society6 has been adding some cool new products to their already diverse offerings! Proving once again that you don't have to sacrifice style for function. Check out all my LYZ design products today, like this recently added Los Angeles Clock! L Y Z D E S I G N on Society6

  • Urban Jungle

    Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you can't bring some nature indoors. Amp up the healthiness and happiness of your adding a plant (or two or three!)! They make the perfect roomies - less demanding than a pet yet still alive and thriving, adding a touch of natural life and whimsy. Go on, find your own Green Thumb!

    Find these AMAZING planters at Amsterdam Modern (

    If you don't have a green thumb (like me), go for easy to care for plants like succulents and cacti. Watering is key, but placing your plant in the right light is imperative.

    All images taken by @lyzdesign unless noted otherwise.

  • Rose Gold

    You may have noticed accents of rose gold and copper being used in interiors spaces, decor and fashion lately. I find the warm metallic hue very elegant and its so easy to mix and match with things you might already own. It looks great in both modern and traditional spaces, mixes well with textures and patterns and offers a warm accent to any space. I personally love it most as a shiny pendant light in a modern eclectic home.

    Image Source A House in the Hills

    Image Source West Elm

    Image Source Domaine Home

    Image Source West Elm

    Image Source David Derksen

    Image Source Blu Dot

  • Inspiration at its finest

    Recently I got to see, in person, the exact view of a painting I did of NYC for someone special a few months ago. I painted the painting using a photograph as inspiration since I had not seen the scene in person myself (yet!). However, when I arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park and saw "my painting" in real life, I was speechless for a moment. As much as I love painting a scene/ city/ view after I've traveled there in person....its almost more fulfilling for me to paint something before I see it, and then go travel there to find the exact view I painted. Because up until that moment, it existed in my mind only as a painting and offers limitless possibility. 

    All images taken by @lyzdesign unless noted otherwise.

  • Urban Artistic Living

    Up until this point this website has been mostly about paintings and my growing collection of vibrant and energetic skylines and palm trees. I’ve been honored to commission paintings for friends, family and strangers alike and all of that is creative fuel for new paintings and ideas, I can hardly keep up! Thank you all for your support and keep sharing the LYZ design love! I can’t wait until the next painting and/ or design project begins.

    As many of you may know, my creative outlets stretch past painting and I find inspiration in almost everything I see. Every time I travel, every time I pick up a magazine, every time I see someone fashionable walking down the street. I am starting these blog posts as an extension of my creative self. Consider it just another facet of LYZ design and stay tuned for all thing urban and artistic; inspirations that influence me, my artwork and my design style.

    Creativity is a way of life. Follow along and get inspired!

  • Art Impact

    I may be biased, but as an artist and designer, I can't imagine a space without a punch of bold art. Interior or exterior, traditional or belongs everywhere! I love putting a bold piece in a calm space to add some energy and make it more dynamic, but a monochromatic space with an uber textural simple piece of art works well too. There's a piece of art for any body, any any form. Below are a few of my favorite LYZ paintings in their homes!

    All images taken by @lyzdesign unless noted otherwise.

  • Eclectic Modern

    I'm most inspired by interiors that don't feel like they've come straight from a catalog. My dream spaces include mixed metals, mixed textures, a pop of bold color, artistic accents and crisp white to balance it all out. I'm a huge fan of pattern, but not overdoing it. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” I feel that same way with an interior. A little breathing room and simple balance can prevent designs from being overdone and fussy. These modern eclectic interiors below are most inspiring to me. Bold, textured, artistic, balanced, unique.

    Images via Elle DecorDomaineCatherine Kwong Design, Roseland Greene, Interior Infatuations, Domino Mag

  • White Hot

    This 3-panel commission combines the energy New York City and Chicago. The unique composition boasts intense layering and metallic texture; with a cool, crisp white color palette. Each panel size is 18x36.

  • Vivid Paris

    Bright paintings make thoughtful gifts, especially when they capture the spirit of Paris!

  • NYC.

    One of my favorite bridges to paint...Brooklyn.

  • Chicago River

    One of my latest commissions....a 3 panel painting of the Chicago River! It looks awesome against the brick wall in its new home in Chitown.

  • Design Meets Los Angeles

    I donated a sketch painting to the DMLA Silent Auction a few weeks ago. The night was Masquerade themed, held at Beso in Hollywood and was a really fun event hosted by the AIA LA Interiors Committee. The annual silent art auction benefits the Student Competition Scholarships. My piece was the highest bid of the night! 

  • Art Incognito 2013

    I was so honored to be involved with this event for the first time last year...adn even more excited to participate again this year! Each piece of art donated is bid on, without the bidder knowing the identity of the artist. Last year mine hit the maximum bid within the first hour! Hoping for another successful event on Thursday!

    Why Free Arts??

    Last years donation:

    This years donation! [northwoods sunset; 11x14]

  • Turning sketches into Art

    Most of my paintings start with a simple black and white scribble sketch. Which you would never guess, since most of my paintings are very vibrant in color! Anyway, I have started to develop those scribbles a little further, and add some dimesnion with a little bit of paint. The final product is on canvas paper and matted to fit simply into a frame.